Marine Fuel Department

In line with our Company's objective to play an active role in our valued clients' incessant efforts in cost reductions and savings through efficient ship operations, we have established a Bunkering Department with a team of dedicated personnel who has extensive experience and network in global oil market and supply sources in procuring the best prices and services for vessels calling at Singapore and other ports for bunker.

We work with various reliable and trusted marine oil suppliers to facilitate and to deliver bunker timely and reliably.

We offer a whole range of bunker/lubricant supply and services round the clock, 24/7.

(1) Marine Fuels
Intermediate, premium grade marine bunker fuel
Customised specifications.

(2) Lubricants
  Different grades/types of marine lubricants produced by the oil majors to assist ship owners maintaining an effective lubrication programme to ensure optimum efficiency in vessels' main and secondary equipment.

(3) Locations
At Eastern/Western Anchorage, shipyards, PSA/Jurong Terminals and OPL (off-port-limits)

(4) Types of supply contract
Spot or Term contract
Provide the best quality and services at the best prices.
Customisation of clients' needs with regard to contract design, prices and specs.
Credit and risk management for Price and Quality.

(5) Physical Supply and Operations
Delivery to the specific agreed place and time without undue hindrance and operational delay.
  The Quality Control and Quality Assurance processes are undertaken and guaranteed by our MPA accredited and well established suppliers through strict compliance of standards and codes of practices set by the Singapore MPAs' Code of Practice for Bunkering (or SS 600) and Quality Management for Bunker Supply Chain Standard (or SS 524).

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